How It Works.

On this page we detail the processes we undertake to correctly identify and permanently remove Japanese knotweed.

Japanese knotweed is a designated “controlled waste”, which means there are strict environmental laws surrounding its treatment and removal. Our team are fully trained and licensed to effectively remove and dispose of this invasive species inline with official guidelines.

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The Process:

Whilst every solution is different, our basic process can be broken down into three steps…


Before Japanese knotweed can be treated, it must be correctly identified. Our team of expert horticulturalists will diagnose and develop a targeted treatment plan.


Once the invasive species has been correctly identified and catalogued, treatment can begin. This includes stem injection and responsible root destruction.


Our management plans offer peace of mind that knotweed will never return. Regular follow up visits to affected areas ensure total and permanent eradication.
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Access to our extensive knowledge is only a phone call away. Our knotweed experts can advise on all aspects of identification, eradication, management, and much more.

To enquire about our professional eradication services, or for free no obligation advice, please see our contact details below. We look forward to speaking with you!